Saturday 26 May 2012

Pecha Berry

For the May KAL at Pokemon Amigurumi on Ravelry. This months theme was pink and blue. I was starting to run out of time as I have been trying to knit a cardigan for my niece. So decided to knit something small. I have tried many times to start making the berries but never got the time. Pecha berry is the one berry that I had used the most in the games so decided it should be the first to be made.


stst = Stockinette stitch. Knit being the right side and Purl being the wrong side.
Kfb = Knit front and back into a stitch to increase.
K2tog or P2tog = Knit or Purl 2 stitches together to decrease
B and T = break of yarn leaving a long end and thread through sts left on the knitting needle and pull tight to close the hole then fasten off

Berry(Make 2)
In light pink cast on 2 stitches
Kfb,K to last stitch,kfb
Repeat these 2 rows 3 more times then change to dark pink
Repeat these 2 rows 3 more times (14)
K2tog,k5 and turn, leaving remaining 7 sts on needle
Cast off 4 sts, cut a long length of thread and weave through back of work and reattach to other side (where you left off after turning)
K5, k2tog
Cast off 4

Pin the 2 sides together wrong sides together and mattress stitch together, leave the top open to stuff then finish sewing up.

Leaves (Make 2)

In green cast on 2
Kfb x2 (4)
Kfb,K to last st,kfb (6)
Kfb,k to last st, kfb (8)
stst 7 starting with a Purl row
K2tog,k4, k2tog (6)
K2tog,k2,k2tog (4)
K2tog x 2
Cast off

Sew the 2 leaves together and then sew them to the bottom of the berry in-between the bumps.

Pecha berry and Pokemon are copyright of Nintendo.

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