Monday 23 July 2012


Created for the July CAL/KAL on Pokemon Amigurumi


stst = Stockinette stitch. Knit being the right side and Purl being the wrong side.
Kfb = Knit front and back into a stitch to increase.
K2tog or P2tog = Knit or Purl 2 stitches together to decrease
B and T = break of yarn leaving a long end and thread through sts left on the knitting needle and pull tight to close the hole then fasten off
I-cord= Knitted on Dpn's. cast on stst then knit as normal, instead of turning to purl, push the stitches to the end of the dpn and knit again pulling the wool behind the stitches. After doing this for a few rows you will see the cord appearing, pull the cord to tighten the stitches.

If knitting in the round divide the stitches equally among the needles and when it says to Purl a row Knit instead. Stuff as you go.

Body make 1 (Dark blue)
Cast on 8 (8)
Kfb to end(16)
(K1,kfb) to end(24)
(K2,kfb) to end(32)
(K3,kfb) to end(40)
(K4,kfb) to end(48)
Stst 8 rows
(K4,k2tog) to end(40)
(K3,k2tog) to end(32)
(K2,k2tog) to end(24)
(K1,k2tog) to end(16)
K2tog to end(8)
B and T
Sew up the back stopping 2 inches from the top so you can stuff then finish sewing up.

Feet make 2 (Dark blue)

Cast on 6 (6)
Kfb to end (12)
Stst 9 beginning with a Purl row (12)
B and T
Sew up the back stopping 2 inches from the top so you can stuff lightly then finish sewing up. Then pin to the bottom of the body and sew in place.

Leaves make 5 (Green)

Cast on 2
Kfb x2 (4)
Kfb,K to last st,kfb (6)
Kfb,k to last st, kfb (8)
Kfb,K to last st, Kfb (10)
Kfb,k to last st, kfb (12)
Stst 5 starting with a Purl row
K2tog,k8,k2tog (10)
K2tog,k6,k2tog (8)
K2tog,k4, k2tog (6)
K2tog,k2,k2tog (4)
Cast off

I found that the leaves started to curl, so I backstitched down the middle and around the edges to make it firmer. Pin the leaves to the top of the head. The first leaf should be in the middle with two either side, then place the last 2 leaves at the back of the first three with the tops poking out of the gaps between the leaves.

Cut two small circles for the eyes and sew in place. You can either embroider the mouth or cut one out of felt.
Oddish and Pokemon are copyright Nintendo.
Original Crochet pattern by Linda Potts and can be found here:

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