Friday, 7 October 2016

Been a long time!

Hi everyone, Feels like forever since I have made a post on here. Life got busy after my daughter was born so knitting took a back seat for a bit sadly. I tried to pick it up for a bit when I wasn't so tired but small children have a habit of tugging things they shouldn't and after remaking the same thing 4 times I lost heart. What I have been doing instead is sewing. My mother has always sewn since she was a young child and helped to teach me the basics on her sewing machine when I was small. When hearing I wasn't able to do my knitting anymore she suggested maybe trying to sew. She was able to get hold of a small sewing machine for my and I started my very first item a quilt. Now most people starting to sew don't tend to go for things like quilts, they go for things like small cushions or table runners. But I have always thrown my self into more difficult things then maybe I can handle, seems to be a trait of mine. :P So I cut out all my pieces (which is harder then it sounds when you are used to picking up a ball of yarn and starting immediately) and started to attempt to sew them together with no knowledge of seam allowances or tension. Let's just say the first few parts I put together are pretty bad. My husband decided that if I was going to seriously attempt this he would buy me a better machine. So we waited for the new machine to arrive,during this time I had read up on how to sew correctly, thankfully there are amazing YouTube videos out there to help you if your not sure what you are doing. (Which I didn't) So new machine acquired I pieced together and completed my quilt, it felt like forever. I then had my mother help me to put the middle and the back on.( Which is no easy feat with a small child and dog who kept sitting on it.) But after all that it was done. The seams are dodgy and I missed loads of edges when catching it the binding, but you know what. I don't care. It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to make, and the fact that I finished it and I didn't fall apart when I washed it makes me proud. A year on and it's still going, it's getting some holes where I used the original machine on some bits and the binding is coming away in places but it's still together and gets used everyday. Since then I have made a few more quilts and they get better every time, but the first one is still my favourite. I hope I can get back to knitting one day as I do enjoy it but for now I'm happy with my sewing. If you read through this wall of text I thank you x

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  1. Welcome back :p it has been a long time indeed. Why don't you show us your sewing work? :)